Technological Innovation

Manufacturing process of hexagonal tube honeycomb for scientific and technological innovation patent

  The manufacturing process of the hexagonal tube honeycomb used by our company has obtained the national invention patent.


Technology innovation patent C-shaped plate two-stage turning tooling

  Our company's C-shaped plate two-level turning tooling has obtained the national utility model patent. 


China's double 800MN large die forging press hydraulic system installation project of scientific and technological innovation project

  In 2011, our company undertook the installation of the hydraulic system of China's double 800MN large die forging press. It is the largest die forging press in the world. The weight of the equipment is up to 20,000 tons, and the number of components with a single piece weight of more than 100 tons is up to 110 pieces. The hydraulic system has a working pressure of 70 MPa, and the 30CrMo used in the hydraulic system piping has a tendency of hot cracking. In the construction process, dozens of technical problems were solved, and a number of technical patents were applied for and won the China Installation Association Science and Technology Progress Award, which is another major equipment of the country.


2m x 2m supersonic wind tunnel project for scientific and technological innovation projects

  The 2m×2m supersonic wind tunnel project undertaken by our company is a test equipment urgently needed for national defense construction and a key construction project of the General Armament Department. The wind tunnel is a steel structure project consisting of a main hole body, a main intake line, an ejector system intake line and an auxiliary facility, and the total weight is about 3411.6T. Our company has adopted a number of installation methods in the construction process of the project and won the demonstration project of new technology application in Sichuan construction industry.


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