Technical School

Brief introduction of company technical school

Sichuan Provincial Industrial Equipment Installation Technical School (formerly known as: Sichuan Industrial Equipment Installation Company Technical School). Founded in 1978, it is a professional installation school approved by the Sichuan Provincial Government, the Provincial Ministry of Human Resources and the Social Security Department for the record. The school is located in Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, with complete teaching and living facilities and strong industry characteristics. Over the past 40 years, more than 40,000 qualified production and technical workers and management backbone have been trained for society and enterprises.

Our school has been awarded the title of "National Employee Education and Training Demonstration Site"

In the "Five-Year Plan of National Staff Quality Construction Project (2012-2014)" implemented by the National Federation of Trade Unions, the achievements of staff education and training have been markedly named "National Demonstration Point of Staff Education and Training" by the National Federation of Trade Unions.

In the course of 37 years'vocational education, our school has developed from single job training to the training of compound professionals, from self-enterprise training to social-oriented vocational education. Depending on the powerful professional and technical personnel and resources of key projects and technology-leading projects, the school actively explores new teaching modes, adopts going out (regularly organizing students to visit and study in factories and mines), introduces them (hiring professional and technical personnel to teach in schools), strengthens the organic combination of theory and practice, and pays attention to students'operational ability. The cultivation and expansion of thinking have improved students'practical ability and achieved better teaching results and social effects. More than 30,000 middle and senior professional and technical workers have been trained for enterprises and society, and more than 4,000 undergraduate degree educators have been trained and promoted.

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